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-  Bath crystals are 100% natural 7 come from a West Coast Aquifer
-  The salt has many and is a natural cleanser for the skin
-  The salt is not IODIZED
-  Only natural botanical colouring are used
-  Also available in 5kg buckets

-  We have a selection of four salts varieties in our range: 
   * Country Rose & Geranium
A blend of Rose & Geranium essential oils plus Rose Petals
     to add to the ambience
  *  Sweet Orange & Cinnamon
     Blends of Orange Oil, other essential oils and cinnamon 
     with a touch of orange peel flakes
  *  Black Magic
     Frankincense and Black Pepper make this quite unique
     all fragrances are interestingly blended & intertwined
  *  Lavender & Sage
     We use Lavender & Sage essential oils.
     Lavender is known for its calming & other medicinal

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