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 Should you require a specific fragrance for our range.  You can contact us and we will gladly assist.

We also personalise products with a stick on label at no extra cost.
Bath Salts
* 100% Natural
   Our salt is not iodized has many minerals and is a natural cleanser for your skin 
We have a selection of four salts in our range:
*  Country Rose & Geranium
Blend of essential oils & Rose Petals to add to the ambience
*  Sweet Orange & Cinnamon  
    Blend of orange oils and cinnamon with a touch of Orange Peel Flakes 
*  Black Magic
& Black Pepper quite unique, the fragrances are interestingly 
    blended and intertwined
*  Lavender & Sage
Lavender & Sage essential oils, with a touch of Lavender Flowers & Sage
    lavender is known for its calming and other medicinal properties

Hand Made Pure Olive Soap
*  All our soaps are hand made
*  Contains "No Palm Oil"
*  Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil
*  No colouring, parabens, silicone, GMO's added
*  Natural fragrance
*  Pure & simple and good for you
*  Inspired by Nature
*  Not tested om animals

Gentle Olive Cream
*  Designed to moisturize and protect
*  Our cream has an added bonus of an up market and young fragrance

Olive & Kigelia Conditioner
*  Revitalizes and regenerates hair
*  Added Kigelia from the sausage tree with well known properties

Olive Shampoo/Hand & Body Wash/Shower Gel/Bubble Bath
*  Young and vibrant fragrances available
*  pH Balanced and only the best ingredients are used in our formulae's
*  Eco & Human friendly

Room & Linen Mist
*  Memorable fragrances
*  Use as a room spray or spray on your linen

Our flag ship, the glass bottle range:
-  Amber glass with gold printing
-  Frosted glass with black printing
-  African Kinetics logo printed on the glass bottle

-  Double or single stainless steel tamper proof bottle holders

-  Mosquito Repellent Gel - 35ml & 150ml Tottle Bottles
-  Sunscreen SPF30         - 35ml & 150ml Tottle Bottles
-  Vanity Kit
-  Sewing Kit
-  Shower Cap
-  Shoe Mitts

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